Working With Willowingo
You will receive the services of an experienced professional who specializes in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with an extensive background, ambitious spirit and strong work ethic.

As a partnership is established, we can be proactive in providing assistance and solutions to help grow your business. Sharing any trends or technologies that may benefit your business and make suggestions to fit your needs.

  • You receive honest, dedicated, affordable solutions that meet your high standards of reliability, accuracy and professionalism.
  • Your privacy is protected. We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines and never share your information.
  • We safeguard the interests of clients and shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal, immoral or unethical activity.
Why Outsource?
Choose the type of program that makes sense for you - retainer options, hourly or by project.
Only pay for amount of time worked or projects completed.
Cut down on employee and office costs.
Gain more freedom to concentrate on other obligations and responsibilities for your business as well as your family.
Plans & Pricing
Every client is unique with different needs, expectations and budgets. With this in mind, we offer the following pricing options.

If you only need a few hours a month that's OK, it would be $35/hr.

Photography is $75/hr including post editing. Packages are also available.
Perfect if you just need help on an ad hoc basis.
Sometimes a set price for a particular project would work best. In this case the cost would depend on the complexity of the task and the estimated hours.
Great for one off tasks. For example, form creation or logo design.
Need tasks done on a regular basis?
We offer two retainer options.
20 Hours/Month Min - $30/hr
30 Hours/Month Min - $25/hr
Lock in dedicated time and cost savings with a monthly program. 
Services are billed on an hourly basis in quarter-hour increments.
Additional charges may apply for conferences, travel, project revisions etc.
Invoices are submitted via e-mail on a monthly basis. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice by check or PayPal.
Meet Elizabeth
After 20+ years working for employers in various industries, my entrepreneurial spirit broke out and I created a service-based company to assist small businesses. I love to teach, learn and help others and having a business where I can give dedicated support to my clients is a perfect outlet for my knowledge and experience. Over my career I have worked on a wide array of projects. A few of my recent endeavors include: designing an assortment of marketing materials, administering a white label email marketing solution, managing corporate and client social media campaigns, advertising and day-to-day activities, involvement in over 100 events and tradeshows, designed 1000+ eblasts that have been sent to over a million recipients and created/maintained more than a dozen websites using various platforms.

Fun Facts
I love anything Disney.
I am passionate about animals.
I collect sand from all over the world.
I have lived or visited countries on six continents.
I feed my soul by helping others and by being creative.
What's in a Name?
You may be wondering where the name Willowingo came from, well it's a combination of my favorite tree and a catchy suffix. I've always had an affinity for Willow trees, they are beautiful, soft & wispy and make wonderful secret hiding places. I knew I wanted to use Willow in my business name and then I came across some folklore that said I was a Willow sign (coincidence?) meaning, in short, I am highly creative, intuitive, have a realistic perspective of things, am patient and bursting with potential – Perfect! So I was sold on Willow now I needed another word or ending. I was surprised at the number of businesses with Willow or Willow Tree in their names and knew I needed something different. Lightbulb - ingo! Thus Willowingo was born!